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Mephisto Illuminautos drop #3 information: 30 June-4th July 2017

Mephisto Illuminautos drop #3 information: 30 June-4th July 2017

The Promo will run From Friday 30th June 12am GMT to Tuesday 4th July 12am GMT Giving a decent window of time to get your orders in.
Fastbuds Strain of the Month Offer

Fastbuds Strain of the Month Offer

We’ve called it Strain Of the Month and it means you’ll be gifted with ONE seed of a featured strain every time you make an order through our web; but, if your order is over 25€, you’ll be gifted with TWO seeds of this selected strain!!!! Cool, right?
Amnesia Stone Smoke Report

Amnesia Stone Smoke Report

You might notice that i am a kind of a tough rater. 10/10 ratings rarely exist, as i feel there is almost always room for improvement. If I rate more than a few 10/10 ratings overall, you can expect this strain to be really topnotch. My ratings are based on a single plant, but will be updated to include updated reivews on multiple plants as grown. I am striving to make these medical based indoor grow reports to be amongst the most indepth available. Some of my ratings from the medical side will often seem low. That is due to the severity of the 24/7 Chronic Pain and migrane headaches caused from an upper neck spinal chord injury. The best weed i have smoked so far only has a rating of 7.4/10.

SeedBank : Autoflower Giftshop

Strain: Amnesia Stone

Did it autoflower?: Y/N Yes early preflower at 14 days

Soil/hydro Grown in Promix HP

Transplant: Instatransplant DIY pots made from 16oz beer cups. Plant stayed in 16oz cup for 14 days until early preflower showed. Slight root restriction stunting.

Nutes: Advanced nutrients Sensigrow, B-52 and Green PLanet ProCal during veg, Green Planet Bloom Fuel, Massive and ProCal during flower

Light (kind and schedule): Under Galaxy Hydro and Maro 100X3w for 23 hours a day. 1 hour under t5(night visits not to alert neighbours)

From seed to harvest date: 70 days

Dry Yield: 42g’s (this plant was tucked in the corner of the cab out of the best light…could have pulled 2oz in the prime sections i think)

RATE SCALE: 1-10 rating system with 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best.

Indoor Grow report:

Mold Resistance 10/10 – Almost no circulation in the end of the cab…zero mold.

Bud to leaf ratio 6/10 – Not the best leaf to bud ratio, but again she was out of the prime light. Branches that got better ight would have rated at 7.

Bud to bare branch Ratio 8/10 Not much bare branch showing even on the shaded out branches…nice.

Bud Density 6/10 – Not the best density i have seen, but again not the best light.

Tolerance to Nutrients 8/10 I got a little heavy at times and the Amnesia Stone took it great.

Tolerance to Low humidity 8/10 – This plant did fairly well considering the extreme low humidity of 22%(seedling) to around 37% during flower.

Tolerance to constant higher temperature 8/10 This plant did well for a serious lack of circulation in the hottest end of the cab. Average temps were 85degrees farenheit.

Trichome Production 8/10 – Excellent trich production

Ease of Training NA/10 – Didn’t train this round.

Scent Strength 7/10 – A nice strong odour with an open jar…doesnt take long to fill the room with smell.

Scent Desirability 8/10 – I really like the smell of this strain…with a decent cure, its a really appealing peppery piney smell.

Average Indoor Rating 7.7/10

Medical Effect Report:

Migrane Headaches 8/10 – I felt a migrane coming on the other day and i fired up a few vapes of AS. They did a fine job at distracting my brain and easing the migrane.

Muscle tension/spasms 6/10 – Not the best at calming spasms, but it does work fairly well.

Severe Chronic Pain 6/10 – Not superior pain relief, but it does help.

Anxiety/Depression 6/10 – Not particularily uplifting, more of a stone than a high on this strain chopped at 10-20% amber glands.

High Effect 7/10 I get a hybrid type of buzz from this strain…some body stone and some head stone. Nothing racy or confusing, just a well round stoney type of buzz.

High Duration 7/10 A couple of vape bowls give a good 2 hours of strong effect with some lingering after effects.

Overall Average Medical Effect Rating 6.6/10

Final Thoughts – I would grow this strains again for sure…its a really, really smooth toke with a nice rounded out relaxing buzz.

Plant Overview




CBD Crystal, Isolates and Syrup

CBD Crystal, Isolates and Syrup

Yesterday, I took a 1/2 bottle of the Cloud N9NE CBD syrup in a glass of sprite. About 45 minutes after I drank it, I had a calm feeling with no pain in my neck or shoulder. Gave a real sense of calming effect and relaxation. Last night, I wanted to see how straight CBD would effect me. I loaded my vape pen(Vapor Brothers VB11) with some Tangie terpine flavored Crystal isolate and took about 5 good rips off the pen. Opened up the pen to check the heater and there was nothing left inside. Isolates burn clean and clear! About 3 minutes in, my chronic back and neck pain went away, muscles went loose and had a feeling of calmness. Kind of like a prozac mixed with a muscle relaxant. Again, slept for 7 hours, where I normally get about 5 hours a night.No high or stone associated with it. No THC!!
#CannaBiz Profile. QC Infusion

#CannaBiz Profile. QC Infusion

At QC Infusion, we want to understand and apply the health and wellness benefits of hemp to all. That’s why we strive to be a voice of change and give a percentage of sales to local communities and national charitable organizations that build awareness of the healing benefits of products like ours. Additionally, a percentage of our sales will be donated to scientific research related to the alternative health and wellness community.
#Fastbuds West Coast OG Review

#Fastbuds West Coast OG Review


Seedbank :




Did it autoflower?:
Yes all three did and we’re harvested on
Wcog (HST-FIMMED) week 9
Wcog (natural) week 10
Wcog (lst) week 11


Contained 50%coco
1 cup blood n bone meal
1 cup EcoThrive


CANNA PK 13 /14


Light (kind and schedule):

2 marshydro 300 w lights


From seed to harvest date:__days

Wcog 1HST-FIMMED =65 days
Wcog 2 Natural =70 days
Wcog lst = 77 days

Dry Yield: _g
From all 3
8 oz
Best yeilder was the natural that yielded 133 g dry on her own.

High/Effect Duration:

4 hr

Fast hitting good mix of body and mind high wich wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket.
This is my new favourite strain.

RATE SCALE:* bad to ***** good

10 freaking excellent strain

10 as it’s very potent with rock hard dense buds that are very frosty.


Medium height with nice side branching


Very potent smelling especially last week before harvest.
After chop it still remains with a skunky citrus smell with a hint of pine.


Smooth and full bodied

THE HIGH:*****
Very nice it makes me smile every joint definitely my new favourite strain IMG_20161014_140334.JPG fastbudsIMG_20161011_114812.JPG





Fastbuds First Sponsored Grow Battle

Fastbuds First Sponsored Grow Battle

The First Grow Battle starts on 1-7th February 2017. Ends no later than 30th April 2017 The Second Grow Battle starts 1st-7th May Ends no later than July 30th. These are the two Entry Level stages. The Top 5 entries on both legs..judged by member poll..will then be Invited to participate in a Battle of Champions. Top 10 Grow Battle Winners pitted against each other to decide the #fastbuds Grower of 2017. The Battle of Champions run date will be September through to December 2017.
Dinafem Bubba Kush Auto Review and Smoke Report

Dinafem Bubba Kush Auto Review and Smoke Report

Packing the bowl…breaking this stuff up is a mess, a mess of sticky gooeyness. Coffee comes through right away with a touch of earth. Green hit….Like a sip of deep breakfast blend coffee. High flavor profile with out the bitterness. Picture a chocolate covered coffee bean. Exhale was just the same, never had a plant have the same in as i did out. I let this one ride she was about 80-85% amber when i picked her, she was smaller and faster than her bigger sisters. She hit hard and fast, body stone all the way. Time for the couch and the TV cause if there is muscle pain or a headache…its gone. This ones high hung around about 3 hours on a full bowl. Lift, peak, comedown.
Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report

Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report



I want to upgrade the quality of my reviews further, so i started a new more indepth template. Your might notice that i am a kind of a tough rater. 10/10 ratings rarely exist, as i feel there is almost always room for improvement. If I rate more than a few 10/10 ratings overall, you can expect this strain to be really topnotch. My ratings are based on a single plant, but will be updated to include updated review on multiple plants as grown. I am striving to make these medical based outdoor grow reports, to be the most indepth available. Some of my ratings from the medical side will often seem low. That is due to the severity of the 24/7 Chronic Pain and migrane headaches cause from an upper neck spinal chord injury. The best weed i have smoked so far only has a rating of 7/10.

SeedBank : Dutch Passion


http://Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds


Strain: Think Fast photoperiod

Did it autoflower?: Y/N No photoperiod strain

Soil/hydro: Started in Promix HP

Transplant: Standard transplant

Average Stalk height: 5 feet

Circumference: 24feet

Nutes: Advance Nutrient Connoisseur Bloom, Green Planet Massive, Green Planet Terpinator, Foxfarm Cha-ching, AN Flawless Finish

Light (kind and schedule): 24 hour under Galaxy Hydro and Mars 100X3w for 10 days, then under the sun during the day and under LED all night until day 30. Then planted in the ground on June the 1st. Increasing natural light regime to 16hours on June the 21st, then declining losing 2-3 minutes per day.


http://Mars Hydro

From seed to harvest date: 6months (april 1st to Oct 5th)

Dry Yield: 50oz

RATE SCALE: 1-10 rating system with 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best.

Outdoor Grow report:

Mold Resistance 6/10 Right at the end of this plants life there was a bunch of minor mold spots. I found around 10 small specks on final trim total. Lost almost nothing. This plant suffered from main trunk rot, and though i was able to keep it in check thanks to some great advice i got about powdered sulfur. This is why this plant was rated lower for mold, the 10 small specs werent bad at all.

Insect Resistance 7/10 Had some minimal rainbow leaf hopper troubles on the Think Fast . She got through the bug damage no problem. Once very early crystal formed no bug issues at all.

Bud to leaf ratio 8/10 Really a decent bud to leaf ratio.

Bud Density 9/10 These are some of the hardest outdoor nugs i have ever grown. If they were any denser if would be impossible to break up effectively with fingers.

Tolerance to Nutrients NA/10 – I didnt make any mistakes throughout this plants life.

Tolerance to Wind 7/10 Very thick rigid branches. A few points lost as the main stalk rot caused weakness at the main trunk.

Tolerance to Cold 8/10 We got a stretch of below 10 degrees celsius for 3 days with one day hitting close to 0. Minimal stress showing on the Think Fast.

Trichome Production 9/10 Extremely nice trichome production, and it was the first to produce solid crystal. Some of the best crystal i have even grown.

Ease of Training 5/10 Very hardened thick stalks were a pain in the arse to LST. Tight nodes when small also made training a bit of a challenge. Coupled with the stalk rot training was super risky on this plant.

Scent Strength 7/10 A slightly lower profile odour that is well suited for stealth grows. Smells reminiscent of pine, but with a unique side smell than i cannot seem to pin point. Smells really nice and potent in the jars.

Overall Recommendation as an outdoor plant 7/10 – Though i have only grown a single plant of the Think Fast, i will certainly be running this strains again next season. The main stalk rot posed the biggest challenge, and next season as a precaution i will be constructing a mini tent to keep water offf the main trunk. Fairly minimal mold considering the buds density, and the smoke is extremely potent.

Outdoor Average 6.6

Medical Effect Report:

Migrane Headaches 7/10 – This strain does help migranes, as it takes you so high that you are totally distracted from them.

Muscle tension/spasms 7/10 -The think fast works pretty well for shutting down muscle spasms.

Severe Chronic Pain 6/10 – A fair bit of pain reduction from this strain, mostly from a distraction point of view.

Anxiety/Depression 8/10 – Extremely powerful up high, not to be taken lightly. I generally roll a joint and smoke myself usually slightly smaller than a cigarette. Not with the think fast, joints keep getting smaller and smaller, and i have yet to feel the need to smoke a whole joint. At half way done a joint the effect is very intense and no more is needed.

High Duration 9/10 – I find the buzz to linger on forever on this strain. Easily still felt after 2.5hours, even 3 hours on a good half of a joint.

Overall Medical Effect Rating 7.4/10

Final Thoughts – DP has hammered out a winner on this strain. This is very, very potent herb and a nice piney smell and taste compliments its potency strength. An early october finish was nice timing. The main stalk rot(pythium?) was very concerning for an outdoor grow, but she held together until the end, and produced a very fine yield of some of the best herb i have ever grown. If you don’t have a super humid rainy fall to deal with try out the Think Fast. I know i am impressed!


Main Plant pic



I am super impressed with the crystal count on this plant!

Dried Bud

Main Trunk Rot(the white stuff is powdered Sulfur)

I would like to personally thank @Waira for his very sound advice on using powdered sulfur to suck the moisture out of the stalk, and to halt the fungal growth. Thanks so much man!! Not sure this plant would have held together without you bud!

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Here Kushy..kushy..kushy…

Here Kushy..kushy..kushy…

Here Kushy..kushy..kushy.. For those of us who are Colour Blinded. I Find the Best Colours come from my Kush Dominant crosses. Although the very Kush dominant girls show colour even in the hottest summers..when the outdoor night temps drop the Kush colour come into a World of their own.