Efficient Grow Lights – AutoCOB 55W COB LED

January 1, 2017 H B 0
AFN is pleased to announce Efficient Grow Lights.com (www.efficientgrowlights.com), showcasing a product called the AutoCOB, built and backed by an AFN forum community member who has done tremendous amounts of work helping with our LED […]

Frogster on Ferro. AFN Live Reviews..by Humans

December 17, 2016 mossy 0
A little bit about Ferro…. Ferro is a supplier of custom made plant fertilizers. They offer a great deal of plant nutrients, plant enhancers, pH regulators & bloom boosters, and also cleaners and products for air treatment. Their specialty is Analysis Nutrients – plant nutrients made especially for the individual grower/farmer using their own water source to analyse and make up a personal nutrient. […]