Saturday, December 15, 2018

Frogster on Ferro. AFN Live Humans

A little bit about Ferro.... Ferro is a supplier of custom made plant fertilizers. They offer a great deal of plant nutrients, plant enhancers, pH regulators & bloom boosters, and also cleaners and products for air treatment. Their specialty is Analysis Nutrients - plant nutrients made especially for the individual grower/farmer using their own water source to analyse and make up a personal nutrient.

Medicinal Cannabis coconut Oil. How I make it.

Its been a while since I updated on how I make my oil for capsules and cooking. I took some new pics and here...

Flushing: The Myth that will not Die. by pop22

Of all the garden myths that exist, I hate this one the most! I'll do my best to drive nails in its coffin, once...

Welcome to the Stoners Tea Party by Dr.Babnik

Welcome to the Stoners Tea Party   Here we drink tea, smoke canna, eat cakes and talk about tea, everything related to tea, cannabis pleasure and...