Live Interviews


The Auto Warriors Live Interviews

What is it?

An agreed upon scheduled live Question and Answer interview between you (or your company representation) and our entire public forum!

Who are the Auto Warriors?

The Auto Warriors are a group of individuals on the AutoFlower Network that help promote our events and activities and schedule the Live Interviews!

What are the benefits?

The Live Interviews offers a high visibility direct marketing channel and communication between you and our community members which typically are consumers of growing related products and services.  It allows our members to ask you questions directly about your specific products and services and to get an answer directly from your representation and an effective way to put a voice and feel to a company!

How does it work?

  • Your company representation creates an account on the AutoFlower Network.
  • Contact one of our Auto Warriors to schedule an agreed upon time (flexible scheduling available during week days for convenience, or on weekends for increased traffic and visibility!)
  • The live interview is hosted in our most lively, visible traffic driving forum and thread on the entire site.
  • All forum members and Auto Warriors are welcome to engage in a Question and Answer (post and reply) format for the duration of the interview.  They ask the questions, you answer the questions as much as you’re willing!
  • The interview lasts as long as the questions come or as long as you’re willing to stay (some sessions with past vendors have lasted over 3 hours!)
  • When the interview is complete, our moderator pull the questions and answers out and we put the interview in it’s own easy-to-follow thread for future viewing!

What does this cost?

It’s FREE!  100%!  The cost is the time out of your day!

When can I start?!

Contact our Auto Warriors group today to schedule an interview!