Live Product Testing

The AutoFlower Network is pleased to offer Live Product Testing via our Live Vendor Program.

The Live Vendor Program was created in October of 2015 and aims to take consumer growing products donated from vendors and have a panel of test growers on the forum document and use those products in a 6 month duration grow trial.

The test growers, called the CannaZone Test Group, are a hand-selected group of individuals with a multitude of experience known for their growing abilities, maturity, and approach towards growing related products.

The goal of the program is to give an unbiased look at grow related consumer products in a real world setting with a grower using the product in a setup and environment many of us may share.

We offer constructive criticism and feedback about the products and promote a fair chance to our vendors to correct our potential mistakes or address the issues we have or find.

There is no sugar coating, no agreement to give favorable feedback nor agreements to have content reviewed before being posted.  Our testers document the grow in a live grow journal in the testing forum and everyone is welcome to follow along!

We also invite our vendors to bring a representative on-site to advise in the growing process and answer our forum members questions.

We’ve had great time with it and it’s been an evolving, positive process for us so come check it out today!

Interested in what vendors we’re testing for?  Click here!