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Bad Germ Rates Got You Down?

Bad Germ Rates Got You Down?

  Evening members, Tonight I bring you a bit of information on germination. This is something I see debated more on here than the type of lighting that you should use. Lets dive right into what were here for though, the best way to germinate […]
Vaporizing Cannabis a Personal Journey. Part 1

Vaporizing Cannabis a Personal Journey. Part 1

That was the Hebe Titan II, which I bought new on ebay for $32.99 shipped. Considering the price, it wasn’t badly made and…..it worked! And that first taste of vapor from my Cannabis was a game changer! There really was FLAVORS! And though mild, the flavors are not subtle! An example, my Blue Dragon tastes like blueberry bubblegum! Its just amazing!
#Fastbuds West Coast OG Review

#Fastbuds West Coast OG Review


Seedbank :




Did it autoflower?:
Yes all three did and we’re harvested on
Wcog (HST-FIMMED) week 9
Wcog (natural) week 10
Wcog (lst) week 11


Contained 50%coco
1 cup blood n bone meal
1 cup EcoThrive


CANNA PK 13 /14


Light (kind and schedule):

2 marshydro 300 w lights


From seed to harvest date:__days

Wcog 1HST-FIMMED =65 days
Wcog 2 Natural =70 days
Wcog lst = 77 days

Dry Yield: _g
From all 3
8 oz
Best yeilder was the natural that yielded 133 g dry on her own.

High/Effect Duration:

4 hr

Fast hitting good mix of body and mind high wich wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket.
This is my new favourite strain.

RATE SCALE:* bad to ***** good

10 freaking excellent strain

10 as it’s very potent with rock hard dense buds that are very frosty.


Medium height with nice side branching


Very potent smelling especially last week before harvest.
After chop it still remains with a skunky citrus smell with a hint of pine.


Smooth and full bodied

THE HIGH:*****
Very nice it makes me smile every joint definitely my new favourite strain IMG_20161014_140334.JPG fastbudsIMG_20161011_114812.JPG





Dinafem Bubba Kush Auto Review and Smoke Report

Dinafem Bubba Kush Auto Review and Smoke Report

Packing the bowl…breaking this stuff up is a mess, a mess of sticky gooeyness. Coffee comes through right away with a touch of earth. Green hit….Like a sip of deep breakfast blend coffee. High flavor profile with out the bitterness. Picture a chocolate covered coffee bean. Exhale was just the same, never had a plant have the same in as i did out. I let this one ride she was about 80-85% amber when i picked her, she was smaller and faster than her bigger sisters. She hit hard and fast, body stone all the way. Time for the couch and the TV cause if there is muscle pain or a headache…its gone. This ones high hung around about 3 hours on a full bowl. Lift, peak, comedown.
Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report

Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report

Migrane Headaches 7/10 – This strain does help migranes, as it takes you so high that you are totally distracted from them. Muscle tension/spasms 7/10 -The think fast works pretty well for shutting down muscle spasms. Severe Chronic Pain 6/10 – A fair bit of pain reduction from this strain, mostly from a distraction point of view. Anxiety/Depression 8/10 – Extremely powerful up high, not to be taken lightly. I generally roll a joint and smoke myself usually slightly smaller than a cigarette. Not with the think fast, joints keep getting smaller and smaller, and i have yet to feel the need to smoke a whole joint. At half way done a joint the effect is very intense and no more is needed. High Duration 9/10 – I find the buzz to linger on forever on this strain. Easily still felt after 2.5hours, even 3 hours on a good half of a joint. Overall Medical Effect Rating 7.4/10
Here Kushy..kushy..kushy…

Here Kushy..kushy..kushy…

Here Kushy..kushy..kushy..

For those of us who are Colour Blinded.
I Find the Best Colours come from my Kush Dominant crosses.

Although the very Kush dominant girls show colour even in the hottest summers..when the outdoor night temps drop the Kush colour come into a World of their own.



Photo’s taken on a Canon SX420 20MP 42XZoom bridge camera.
The photos are of a high enough quality to simply zoom in on the photo editing suite for excellent close up details.



Well Pleased with the new camera..:photog:


Plant #ALF#3 Winter Colours on….we have been down to 0 ‘C with torrential rain and flooding.


Blood Lines. :dragon2:

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Mephisto Genetics. Toothless Alien Smoke Report

Mephisto Genetics. Toothless Alien Smoke Report

High/Effect of Strain: Very stoney light at first then hits you as your not expecting it. Long lasting very pleased with the thc level well above my normal stuff. Duration of Effects: Long lasting creeper Medicinal Value: Very good for a sleeping bud or honestly any time you want a chill pill smoke a bowl of toofless and all is well!
Skin Cancer. Part 2

Skin Cancer. Part 2

Natural treatments to battle skin cancer include turmeric and cur cumin taken orally or topical, topical eggplant (nightshade) poultice with vinegar, blood root and black salves,coconut oil and baking soda, vitamin C and magnesium chloride. These treatments should only be considered if you are unable to obtain a biopsy or you know for sure what you are treating.
Efficient Grow Lights – AutoCOB 55W COB LED

Efficient Grow Lights – AutoCOB 55W COB LED

AFN is pleased to announce Efficient Grow Lights.com (www.efficientgrowlights.com), showcasing a product called the AutoCOB, built and backed by an AFN forum community member who has done tremendous amounts of work helping with our LED forums and DIY LED’s!

You can read more about it on the Efficient Grow Lights site or see it live in action and ask your questions in our live product testing forum on AFN! If you’re curious about the light or want to help support AFN through its member contributions, check it out!



Happy New Year AFN

Happy New Year AFN

Happy New Year AFN! The staff at AFN wanted to give a warm thank you to all of you that made 2016 such a success for the Autoflower Network! It was quite the year and definitely showed us the potential of the site when we […]