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How to use your whole cannabis plant

How to use your whole cannabis plant

Grandma Roody’s Canna Oil Place stems and trim in a slow cooker/crock pot Add equal amounts of coconut oil and avocado oils to completely cover your material. Turn crock pot on low. Do Not cover. Cook for 4 hours Cool then strain
The Winter blues and how to Cope.

The Winter blues and how to Cope.

I dread winter. Every year I know I will get the Winter Blues, and every year around this time I wonder, how soon and for how long. Since I have started watching my body pH and eating a healthier diet, cutting out sugar and gluten, I haven’t had a super bad winter. I still get down about things but it’s not totally debilitating. If like me, you experience the Winter Blues every winter and you feel better in the Spring, then you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect you in the Summer as well, with relief in the Fall, however that is not as common as winter SAD.
Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report

Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report



I want to upgrade the quality of my reviews further, so i started a new more indepth template. Your might notice that i am a kind of a tough rater. 10/10 ratings rarely exist, as i feel there is almost always room for improvement. If I rate more than a few 10/10 ratings overall, you can expect this strain to be really topnotch. My ratings are based on a single plant, but will be updated to include updated review on multiple plants as grown. I am striving to make these medical based outdoor grow reports, to be the most indepth available. Some of my ratings from the medical side will often seem low. That is due to the severity of the 24/7 Chronic Pain and migrane headaches cause from an upper neck spinal chord injury. The best weed i have smoked so far only has a rating of 7/10.

SeedBank : Dutch Passion


http://Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds


Strain: Think Fast photoperiod

Did it autoflower?: Y/N No photoperiod strain

Soil/hydro: Started in Promix HP

Transplant: Standard transplant

Average Stalk height: 5 feet

Circumference: 24feet

Nutes: Advance Nutrient Connoisseur Bloom, Green Planet Massive, Green Planet Terpinator, Foxfarm Cha-ching, AN Flawless Finish

Light (kind and schedule): 24 hour under Galaxy Hydro and Mars 100X3w for 10 days, then under the sun during the day and under LED all night until day 30. Then planted in the ground on June the 1st. Increasing natural light regime to 16hours on June the 21st, then declining losing 2-3 minutes per day.


http://Mars Hydro

From seed to harvest date: 6months (april 1st to Oct 5th)

Dry Yield: 50oz

RATE SCALE: 1-10 rating system with 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best.

Outdoor Grow report:

Mold Resistance 6/10 Right at the end of this plants life there was a bunch of minor mold spots. I found around 10 small specks on final trim total. Lost almost nothing. This plant suffered from main trunk rot, and though i was able to keep it in check thanks to some great advice i got about powdered sulfur. This is why this plant was rated lower for mold, the 10 small specs werent bad at all.

Insect Resistance 7/10 Had some minimal rainbow leaf hopper troubles on the Think Fast . She got through the bug damage no problem. Once very early crystal formed no bug issues at all.

Bud to leaf ratio 8/10 Really a decent bud to leaf ratio.

Bud Density 9/10 These are some of the hardest outdoor nugs i have ever grown. If they were any denser if would be impossible to break up effectively with fingers.

Tolerance to Nutrients NA/10 – I didnt make any mistakes throughout this plants life.

Tolerance to Wind 7/10 Very thick rigid branches. A few points lost as the main stalk rot caused weakness at the main trunk.

Tolerance to Cold 8/10 We got a stretch of below 10 degrees celsius for 3 days with one day hitting close to 0. Minimal stress showing on the Think Fast.

Trichome Production 9/10 Extremely nice trichome production, and it was the first to produce solid crystal. Some of the best crystal i have even grown.

Ease of Training 5/10 Very hardened thick stalks were a pain in the arse to LST. Tight nodes when small also made training a bit of a challenge. Coupled with the stalk rot training was super risky on this plant.

Scent Strength 7/10 A slightly lower profile odour that is well suited for stealth grows. Smells reminiscent of pine, but with a unique side smell than i cannot seem to pin point. Smells really nice and potent in the jars.

Overall Recommendation as an outdoor plant 7/10 – Though i have only grown a single plant of the Think Fast, i will certainly be running this strains again next season. The main stalk rot posed the biggest challenge, and next season as a precaution i will be constructing a mini tent to keep water offf the main trunk. Fairly minimal mold considering the buds density, and the smoke is extremely potent.

Outdoor Average 6.6

Medical Effect Report:

Migrane Headaches 7/10 – This strain does help migranes, as it takes you so high that you are totally distracted from them.

Muscle tension/spasms 7/10 -The think fast works pretty well for shutting down muscle spasms.

Severe Chronic Pain 6/10 – A fair bit of pain reduction from this strain, mostly from a distraction point of view.

Anxiety/Depression 8/10 – Extremely powerful up high, not to be taken lightly. I generally roll a joint and smoke myself usually slightly smaller than a cigarette. Not with the think fast, joints keep getting smaller and smaller, and i have yet to feel the need to smoke a whole joint. At half way done a joint the effect is very intense and no more is needed.

High Duration 9/10 – I find the buzz to linger on forever on this strain. Easily still felt after 2.5hours, even 3 hours on a good half of a joint.

Overall Medical Effect Rating 7.4/10

Final Thoughts – DP has hammered out a winner on this strain. This is very, very potent herb and a nice piney smell and taste compliments its potency strength. An early october finish was nice timing. The main stalk rot(pythium?) was very concerning for an outdoor grow, but she held together until the end, and produced a very fine yield of some of the best herb i have ever grown. If you don’t have a super humid rainy fall to deal with try out the Think Fast. I know i am impressed!


Main Plant pic



I am super impressed with the crystal count on this plant!

Dried Bud

Main Trunk Rot(the white stuff is powdered Sulfur)

I would like to personally thank @Waira for his very sound advice on using powdered sulfur to suck the moisture out of the stalk, and to halt the fungal growth. Thanks so much man!! Not sure this plant would have held together without you bud!

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Skin Cancer. Part 2

Skin Cancer. Part 2

Natural treatments to battle skin cancer include turmeric and cur cumin taken orally or topical, topical eggplant (nightshade) poultice with vinegar, blood root and black salves,coconut oil and baking soda, vitamin C and magnesium chloride. These treatments should only be considered if you are unable to obtain a biopsy or you know for sure what you are treating.
Skin Cancer. If you can Spot it, you can Stop it. Part 1

Skin Cancer. If you can Spot it, you can Stop it. Part 1

Skin Cancer Cancer is a scary thing, especially when you can see it on your skin. Our skin is our largest organ, it protects our insides from the outside, regulates our temperature, excretes waste and lets us feel our surroundings. Our skin is also a […]
Healing Path Genetics

Healing Path Genetics

1aaaaaafestivuGreetings AFN friends new and old!

I want to give a sincere thank-you to the good people at AFN for giving me the opportunity to share the medical strains that I create. I have been an avid Heirloom Veggie, herb, flower, berry, fruit and ornamental tree cultivator for 35 years, living in the harsh Northern Climate of the PNW, USA. So growing and breeding Cannabis came naturally to me when I began working with our favorite plant a few years ago.

Like many other MMJ patents, I first became dependent and then addicted to pharmaceutical pain killers. When I went Cold Turkey from very high daily dosages, I knew that I needed some natural form of pain management. Thus my entry into the world of searching to find the right Medical Strains, to truly help make me somewhat functional. As most if not all of us chronic pain patients know, depression, anxiety, and insomnia can and typically does become a part of our daily lives. My battle with all of the above ailments led me on a seven year fast paced and often challenging struggle to find the most effective strains for my many mental and physical infirmities. My heart is always to share what strains work for me with other medical patients that I am a care- giver for, and all of you reading these lines.

I have been extremely fortunate to first have the time to research, and get my hands dirty. More than that, the small private breeders that I have been working with has allowed me to have access to the best medical genetics on the planet.

Over the last three years, I have had to weed through most of the so called ‘High CBD’ strains that the large commercial ‘breeders’ are dumping onto the market as fast as they can without proper testing. I am sure many of you have personally experienced this in your quest for High CBD strains. I have and am also exceedingly privileged to be able to network with many of the of the best private breeders in the world. These fine breeders, primarily medical patients themselves have provided me with true and stable High CBD seeds, cuts, as well as pollen. My first acquisition was a lab tested pure CBD Z6 pheno (10-15% CBD: .3% THC) personally delivered to me by the breeder as a gift. This exact Z6 pheno is being used in both Washington, and Colorado State, USA, to treat children with Dravet Syndrome. Roughly the same CBD to THC numbers as the strain Charlottes Web. Z6 does not do well indoors, but I was able to source some Harli-Tsu seeds, which for those that may not know (Harlequin Tsunami) is a Californian dispensary only strain Harle-Tsu is a very high CBD strain with low THC content. There is a much higher chance of finding High CBD pheonos more easily than any other commercial ‘High CBD’strains that I know of on the market today. I combined the (Z6 with Harli-Tsu), The grower is able to find High CBD phenos 90% + of the time. Individually and collectively these are to be the back bone of many of my upcoming releases. I also have several other High CBD photo strains to test, and hopefully incorporate into my CBD projects, if the make it through testing.

I also wanted to create some Northern Lat Outdoor High CBD strain, which will and do finish in some of the harsher Northern Climates. After much research, I decided to combine the Z6 with a Swiss OD poly hybrid named Ierdbei. Very pleased with the end results. Also combined Z6 with a stable semi-auto: Iranian Auto Flower (a.k.a. Auto Affie) . Smaller, and faster finisher. Good for semi-stealth environments.

Also working with some of the new CBD autos that seem very promising.. Making many crosses with some of our favorite auto strains with these new CBD autos, as well as with the photosentsitive Indica hybrids and land races that I work with.

I have personally found that many of the photosenstive land races are naturally higher in CBD and so many other medicinal compounds that have been bred out in favor of concentrating only on high THC content, and high yield. Have had the pleasure of discovering and working with pure Indica hybrids like Black Domina, and many others as well. Many are pure knock-out strains. Great for acute pain and insomnia. Am working with these in Indica and CBD crosses.

I also work with strains that are not high in CBD numbers for those of us that suffer from ailments that high CBD %s does not do much for, so hope to be able to provide med patients of all kinds with strains to help many of our ailments.

I will be posting a strain list of currently available strains, as well as strains that I am presently working on for testing in a separate thread.

Hope to have a little something to help other MMJ patients.

Thank-you for your interest and taking the time to read my introduction as an independent breeder here, and look forward to more interaction with all of you fine people.

The Benefits of Harvesting Rain Water

The Benefits of Harvesting Rain Water

I’ll let everyone in on a little secret of mine. This is available to everyone and the best part about it is that it’s free. It contains high levels of life sustaining minerals and can do magical things to your grow. I know that several […]
Back to our Roots Cannabis

Back to our Roots Cannabis

Back to Our Roots I Love lots of herbs. My favorite, of course is probably your favorite too…Cannabis. Cannabis is my favorite herb for many reasons. The first most obvious, would be it’s side affect of getting high. The rest of my reasons would include […]
Are you feeling Blue..?

Are you feeling Blue..?


Winter is well and truly here.

If you suffer from SAD..Winter depression..or just generally catch winter colds and flu frequently.

Visit the AFN Medical Section for cheap and reliable treatments to Winter-proof your body and mind.

Go to the PH Plan thread and Tag one of our Med section Mods @Root @Eek or @Duggy for Help and Advice on getting started.

Book up now to avoid the miseries of late winter.