Vaporizing Cannabis a Personal Journey. Part 1

January 29, 2017 pop 22 0
That was the Hebe Titan II, which I bought new on ebay for $32.99 shipped. Considering the price, it wasn’t badly made and… worked! And that first taste of vapor from my Cannabis was a game changer! There really was FLAVORS! And though mild, the flavors are not subtle! An example, my Blue Dragon tastes like blueberry bubblegum! Its just amazing! […]

Dutch Passion Think Fast Outdoor Review and Med Report

January 22, 2017 mossy 0
Migrane Headaches 7/10 – This strain does help migranes, as it takes you so high that you are totally distracted from them. Muscle tension/spasms 7/10 -The think fast works pretty well for shutting down muscle spasms. Severe Chronic Pain 6/10 – A fair bit of pain reduction from this strain, mostly from a distraction point of view. Anxiety/Depression 8/10 – Extremely powerful up high, not to be taken lightly. I generally roll a joint and smoke myself usually slightly smaller than a cigarette. Not with the think fast, joints keep getting smaller and smaller, and i have yet to feel the need to smoke a whole joint. At half way done a joint the effect is very intense and no more is needed. High Duration 9/10 – I find the buzz to linger on forever on this strain. Easily still felt after 2.5hours, even 3 hours on a good half of a joint. Overall Medical Effect Rating 7.4/10 […]

Here Kushy..kushy..kushy…

January 22, 2017 mossy 0
Here Kushy..kushy..kushy.. For those of us who are Colour Blinded. I Find the Best Colours come from my Kush Dominant crosses. Although the very Kush dominant girls show colour even in the hottest summers..when the outdoor night temps drop the Kush colour come into a World of their own. […]

AFN New Years Party week

December 31, 2016 mossy 0
AFN Closed for Staff and Member New Years Party..Live Stoners. AFN Closed for Staff and members Party Live sTONERS Everyone is Invited to Join us in Celebrating the First Annual AFN Festivus Event. 2 weeks […]

Healing Path Genetics

December 23, 2016 mossy 1
Like many other MMJ patents, I first became dependent and then addicted to pharmaceutical pain killers. When I went Cold Turkey from very high daily dosages, I knew that I needed some natural form of pain management. Thus my entry into the world of searching to find the right Medical Strains, to truly help make me somewhat functional. As most if not all of us chronic pain patients know, depression, anxiety, and insomnia can and typically does become a part of our daily lives. My battle with all of the above ailments led me on a seven year fast paced and often challenging struggle to find the most effective strains for my many mental and physical infirmities. My heart is always to share what strains work for me with other medical patients that I am a care- giver for, and all of you reading these lines. […]

AFN Christmas Party week

December 23, 2016 mossy 0
AFN Closed for Staff and members Party Live sTONERS Everyone is Invited to Join us in Celebrating the First Annual AFN Festivus Event. 2 weeks of Prizes and Fun Competitions. You Have to Be There […]
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