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February 28, 2017

Amnesia Stone Smoke Report

AFN Live Reviews by Humans
February 16, 2017 0
Medical Effect Report: Migrane Headaches 8/10 – I felt a migrane coming on the other day and i fired up a few vapes of AS. They did a fine job at distracting my brain and easing the migrane. Muscle tension/spasms 6/10 – Not the best at calming spasms, but it does work fairly well. Severe Chronic Pain 6/10 – Not superior pain relief, but it does help. Anxiety/Depression 6/10 – Not particularily uplifting, more of a stone than a high on this strain chopped at 10-20% amber glands. High Effect 7/10 I get a hybrid type of buzz from this strain…some body stone and some head stone. Nothing racy or confusing, just a well round stoney type of buzz. High Duration 7/10 A couple of vape bowls give a good 2 hours of strong effect with some lingering after effects. Overall Average Medical Effect Rating 6.6/10 […]

CBD Crystal, Isolates and Syrup

AFN Live Reviews by Humans
February 14, 2017 0
Yesterday, I took a 1/2 bottle of the Cloud N9NE CBD syrup in a glass of sprite. About 45 minutes after I drank it, I had a calm feeling with no pain in my neck or shoulder. Gave a real sense of calming effect and relaxation. Last night, I wanted to see how straight CBD would effect me. I loaded my vape pen(Vapor Brothers VB11) with some Tangie terpine flavored Crystal isolate and took about 5 good rips off the pen. Opened up the pen to check the heater and there was nothing left inside. Isolates burn clean and clear! About 3 minutes in, my chronic back and neck pain went away, muscles went loose and had a feeling of calmness. Kind of like a prozac mixed with a muscle relaxant. Again, slept for 7 hours, where I normally get about 5 hours a night.No high or stone associated with it. No THC!! […]
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Isolation Pollination : The Guide

February 12, 2017 0
So this is something that I was asked to do by a few members and I think that its rather important to those who are into breeding as well as those who are just wanting [...]
AFN Grow Guide

Roots, what we think we know….

February 8, 2017 1
So riddle me this, what do we really know about the auto’s root system. My theory is its directly related to flower trigger. I have seen this over the years, time and time again. Trauma [...]
New Legal Cannabis Business Profile

#CannaBiz Profile. QC Infusion

February 3, 2017 0
At QC Infusion, we want to understand and apply the health and wellness benefits of hemp to all. That’s why we strive to be a voice of change and give a percentage of sales to local communities and national charitable organizations that build awareness of the healing benefits of products like ours. Additionally, a percentage of our sales will be donated to scientific research related to the alternative health and wellness community. […]

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