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Welcome to the Autoflower Network (AFN,) the largest online resource in the world dedicated specifically to information on and the cultivation of autoflowering cannabis!

The AFN forum offers a newbie friendly community atmosphere that still caters to advanced growers alike to share in the information and growing of autoflowers on the most friendly, flame-free cannabis forum in the world!

AFN hosts over 12+ major commercial autoflower breeders, offers services to smaller independent autoflower breeders, and provides autoflower strain testing and reviews to breeders to share with the community to improve the quality and education of autoflowers!

AFN provides product performance testing and reviews for cannabis and horticultural based companies (over 38+ to date since October 2015) involved with autoflower cultivation, such as LED companies, nutrient companies, extraction companies, vaporizer & smoke based shops, soil & medium bases, etc.  If it is used to cultivate or process autoflowers, we want to test it for you!

Let your knowledge bloom as you take part in the community discussions, grow your autoflowers in your own grow journal where you can directly ask questions from a mass of experienced growers, or join in one of the many vendor sponsored contests and events!

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  • Autoflower Network Author Articles

    Dinafem White Cheese by Slater

    AFN Live Reviews by Humans
    October 27, 2017 mossy 0
    Really enjoyed this grow, gave me some of my best looking buds to date, bag appeal is 10 out of 10. Takes a bit of time on the cure but with patients you are rewarded with great smoke. It may even catch you out and make you wobble a bit… made me wobble on my first try. […]

    How to use your whole cannabis plant

    Back to Our Roots
    October 27, 2017 mossy 0
    Grandma Roody’s Canna Oil Place stems and trim in a slow cooker/crock pot Add equal amounts of coconut oil and avocado oils to completely cover your material. Turn crock pot on low. Do Not cover. Cook for 4 hours Cool then strain […]
    AFN Live Reviews by Humans

    October 7, 2017 mossy 0
    AWESOME!! Big improvement by day 3 actually, but I didn’t have the camera then,…Even the newest growth is fixed, and it stayed fixed too-    …Effing-A, I’m telling you, this is crazy fast for an immobile nute element defc. fix! @opticfoliar -Dinesh, you are a Wizard, mate–   […]
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    The Winter blues and how to Cope.

    October 7, 2017 mossy 0
    I dread winter. Every year I know I will get the Winter Blues, and every year around this time I wonder, how soon and for how long. Since I have started watching my body pH and eating a healthier diet, cutting out sugar and gluten, I haven’t had a super bad winter. I still get down about things but it’s not totally debilitating. If like me, you experience the Winter Blues every winter and you feel better in the Spring, then you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can affect you in the Summer as well, with relief in the Fall, however that is not as common as winter SAD. […]