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Why organic nutrients do not work in coco

dankstyle J

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Apr 25, 2015
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My best advice to beginners learning from the internet is always make sure your research online is comparing apples to apples. You are going to notice you are going to get a lot of conflicting advice from what seem to be knowledgeable people. So the advice given by people growing in coco isn't going to match up with people growing in soil/peat, nutrients, auto flowers, Photo period and so on. So if Bob says to use 6.5 ph and Sally says 5.8 ph they are both correct depending on their medium. When Joe comes along and says you don't even need to PH, you might want to consider if your water source is the same as his. Decide how you want to grow and try to find journals that match up with your grow style and materials.

So if we look at the above post by @dankstyle J there are a lot of things to consider when following his grow. He's not just doing a Coco grow so you can't follow his advice and apply it to a strait coco type grow. I had to research the soil he's using. He's using a mix of Coco, peat and worm castings. I would consider this more of a regular peat/soil type of grow even though there is coco in it. Is he growing auto's or photo's ? Each may require different feeds. How many hours of light per day does he give them could means different light distances and power. Humidity and temps could mean different watering schedules. All these variables you have to match up.
Yes very true my grow is not a pure coco grow but the added peat an perlite with worm castings wouldn't make it soil either. The majority of the mix is coco an right on the bag it says soiless mix yes I add things as well an have tried a more coco approach but found this method to have more benefits an to be a more viable option for my particular organic style .I also grow with the philosophy that microbes an fungi are extremely important factors for cannabis nutrition an this brand as well as being local also has added microbes an fungi providing the perfect combo for my living coco mix